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The Australian Labradoodle is a highly sought-after breed that is a perfect addition to any family. Bred intentionally for their intelligence, friendly nature, and hypoallergenic coats, our Australian Labradoodle puppies are guaranteed multigenerational ALAA registered and come with a 24-month genetic health warranty. Contact us for adoption information and details on upcoming litters.

Australian Labradoodle for Sale 

Dallas Labradoodles specializes in breeding and placing our beloved puppies. As a second-generation, family-owned business, we are dedicated to ensuring the continued health and ethical breeding of this exceptional breed. Visit our website to see the available puppies.

Reserve Your Australian Labradoodle Puppy

Many of our litters are reserved even before the puppies are born, so we encourage you to secure a spot on our reservation list. To reserve a puppy, a $500 deposit is required, with the remaining balance due on the day of pickup. Puppies are chosen in the order of reservations, which are made for specific litters.

Home Guardian Program

Our breeding dogs require love and care between litters, which is why we have developed the Home Guardian Program. If you have always desired the love and joy of an Australian Labradoodle, this program offers you the opportunity to bring one of our mature dogs into your home while they continue to be a part of our breeding program.

Stud Services & Breeding Rights

Are you interested in breeding Australian Labradoodle puppies? Do you already own an Australian Labradoodle and require stud services? Dallas Labradoodles provides breeding dogs for sale as well as stud services.

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FAQ About Australian Labradoodles near Denton, TX

What are Australian Doodles? 

Australian Doodles, also known as Australian Labradoodles, are a breed that combines the Labrador Retriever, Poodle, English and American Cocker Spaniels, and Irish Water Spaniel. This breed was developed in the 1980s as a hypoallergenic option. 

Is there a mini Australian Labradoodle? 

Yes, mini Australian Labradoodles typically reach a height of about 14-16 inches and weigh under 30 pounds. The mini is the smallest size within this breed, but none of the sizes exceed 65 pounds in weight. 

How big do Australian Labradoodles get? 

Australian Labradoodles are considered a medium-to-large breed, with most reaching a height of around 20 to 24 inches and weighing 65 pounds or less. There is also a mini Australian Labradoodle, which reaches about 16 inches in height and weighs approximately 25-30 pounds.

Reputable Australian Labradoodle Breeders in Denton, TX

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Dallas Labradoodles are glad to sell Australian Doodles to the people of Austin, TX. Get in touch with us by contacting us today! 

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